Episode 020: Stimulating your Toddlers

Taking my babies out of daycare in July was challenging for me to do from a parent’s perspective.  We finally had our nanny with us and financially it made sense for them to be home.  In this podcast, I talk to you about some of the struggles we had with taking them out of daycare and ways in which we tried to “mimic” some of the great teachable learnings.

My husband and I also speak about some of the products we purchased so that we continued to have our children’s milestones and development flourish while in the comfort of their own home.  The nearby Early Years Centre helped to provide a very similar environment for our children that they were used to in daycare and most importantly helped Sats and I realize some of their favourite things to do during creative play. These learnings helped focus our purchases to a paint set that contained water colours (so less mess for all us OCD parents) (ca/us), smocks (ca/us) and a water/sand box (ca/us) with some really cool sand (ca/us)!

We would love to hear from our listeners on some of the things you do with their toddlers to help keep their developmental momentum going; remember our best source of information is from people like ourselves…parents!!!!

We look forward to hearing from you.  Until then, stay happy, stay healthy and stay hopeful.




Episode 019: 6 Month Milestones

Today we have 2 special guests on our show — my twins!!!  Although they’re only 6 months old, you get the opportunity to hear them in the background as they fuss away!!  My inspiration for today’s podcast came from the milestones I’ve been blessed to observe on a daily basis with my two little angels.

The 6 month mark is a really fun and exciting time — not only for the little ones, but also for you!  It feels like a new milestone is being met daily so its a great time to bring out your cameras.  Teething is a big one that begins around this time — with that being said teething can begin as early as 4 months to as late as 18 months so please keep this in mind for your little ones — they all develop and grow different which makes them all that more special 🙂

In my podcast I had made reference to a teething necklace.  I will be honest, I haven’t done any research on this and it was brought to my attention from a friend of mine; she heard nothing but great things about it so as promised I will give you access to the link on amazon.  Please feel free to do your own reviews before purchasing this product if you choose to take that route as it may or may not be suitable for your child. The teething necklace is called the “Amber Teething Necklace”.  You will notice there are a few different brand names, which I have chosen to not mention as I am not here to endorse one product over the other.

Other milestones you will notice during this time are babbling, attention seeking behaviours, and your little ones becoming more aware of their surroundings.  Tune into my podcast to hear all about these exciting stages!

Till next week, stay happy, stay healthy and stay hopeful!

Episode 018: Misconceptions of Maternity Leave

Today’s podcast speaks about some of the misconceptions that people on maternity or paternity leave deal with.  I personalize these misconceptions and speak on my own personal experiences with them and do my best to “bust” them.  There are many misconceptions out there and these are only a handful of them.  The inspiration came from all the viewer’s emails that spoke to some of their experiences and I decided to help send our messages across the world, loud and clear — please note my intentions in this podcast is not to upset or anger any of the viewers as these are my opinions and I appreciate we may not all share the same thoughts.

Have a listen and please share your thoughts, views and comments with me!!  I always love hearing from you!

Enjoy and till next week, stay happy, stay healthy and stay hopeful!


Episode 017: Finding the Right Caregiver

Today’s podcast speaks about finding the right caregiver for your little munchkins.  I speak about my own personal experience and the dialogue with my husband that made us come to the decision to look into a live-in nanny.  For our family and our needs at this point in our lives, its what we feel will work best before I head back into work.

I also speak about my own personal experience of trying to find the “right” nanny.  From interviewing the candidates to filling out the Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), you hear it all!


Episode 016: Age Appropriate Toys

In today’s podcast speaks about age appropriate toys for our babies.  I have to say that it can become rather overwhelming when you’re out on the market to pick up toys and I am hoping this podcast will help to narrow down some of the best buys for the best buck; its SO easy to rack up quite the bill otherwise.

As a disclaimer I will admit that I will only be able to comment on what has worked with my babies and I am always open to suggestions and comments from other parents on what has worked for them and what has also helped to keep their overall budget to a minimum.

I hope this podcast helps new parents and I look forward to your emails!!!

Till then, stay healthy, stay happy and stay hopeful!

Episode015: Answering your Questions

In today’s podcast, I answer 5 of the most popular questions that I got from you, the audience. Check out the podcast to learn answers to the top 5.

Episode014: Starting Your Infant on Solids

Today’s podcast is a really exciting one, why you ask?  You begin a new milestone with your baby….he/she is starting solids!!!  This can be very nerve wrecking for some parents because you always worry about under or over feeding.  Today’s episode speaks to some of the anxieties around this and what I’ve been personally doing with my twins.  There is NO ONE RIGHT WAY and often times, your teacher is your baby, so listen to them!

I walk you all through the series of how I started solids with my babies and what has worked for them.  One tid bit of knowledge that I need to emphasize to you all is that you want to be able to change “the menu” after at least 3-5 servings of the same food.  You also want to make sure you don’t start too many “new items” at the same time, because if there is a reaction, you will find it challenging to know what food it was that triggered it.

I’ve been using the 3 day rule and it has worked perfect for me.  Of course, if my babies don’t like one food, I don’t give up and I encourage you all to keep at it!  It may take a few times before they begin to like a food.  Lastly, keep in mind the vegetables will always be less liked than that fruits — lets be honest, they taste better!!!  Who doesn’t like sweet foods?! So, a cardinal rule to that is to introduce your infant to vegetables first and then fruits.  I’ve got some great facts that have worked for me and my babies in my podcast and I would really encourage you all to have a listen.

As always, I encourage you to write in, send in your comments/questions/concerns and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Till then folks — stay healthy, stay happy and stay hopeful!!!!

Episode013: Travelling with Children: Part 2

Today’s podcast talks about our first trip with our 5 month old twins to Cuba.  In this podcast I have Sats joining me to speak about his experience travelling with our children and he gives great advise to anxious fathers that are anticipating a recent travel with their infant(s).  I recap all the necessities required to make sure your baby enjoys the trip and more importantly YOU get the chance to enjoy it too.

Sats and I also speak about some of the lessons we learned along the way and we hope from some of our “epic fails” you will learn and prevent some of these experiences from occurring on your trip.  Lastly, the podcast recaps on the “needs to have” when travelling with infants.

We hope that our experience and advise helps those anxious parents that are contemplating about travelling with their children.  It doesn’t have to be so bad, we did it with twins!!!!!  And we enjoyed ourselves so much that we’re in the process of planning our next trip with them 🙂